Noise Gate VST plugin
Noise Gate VST plugin
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Noise reduction using spectral subtraction.


Standalone executable file is provided just like demo. Please, use the VST effect dynamic library in production.

What is it

This is a VST noise gate plugin software for audio noise reduction ("cancellation") before or after applying other VST effects that may highly amplify noise like a distortion, compressor (sustainer, limiter) or a guitar amplifier at high gain. The plugin can also make noise reduction on a whole phonogram with some conditions. But the main purpose is to cancel noise from a microphone or pickup of a music instrument like guitar before sound processing rest. The plugin has good enough characteristic at signal release.


There no common highly effective technique for canceling any existing type of sound trash so far. Clear interface of the 7AMP Noise Gate with just a knob and just a button allows to understand quickly if the plugin is able to implement reduction of your particular stray signal, saving your time. You simple hold your strings for a second, or keep your microphone in silence, allowing the plugin to study noise pattern, then you set filtering level. Works? Fine. Doesn't? Try another noise reduction plugin.

Where is it used

The same sound schema with slightly different face is used in the 7AMP Experimantal Combo Emulation and in many standalone demos of 7AMP plugins to make noise reduction before processing rest.


Inside the 7AMP Noise Gate there are 7 fast fourier transform elements applied to 512 samples length audio blocks to implement standard (almost) spectral subtraction with all advantages and drawbacks of this method.


The plugin is mono so far, because it is primarily to make noise gating on a single instrument or voice signal in any place of processing path. If you want to make whole track cleaner, process channels separately.

Fixed length FFT used without dependency from sampling rates, so the best resolution at low frequencies is achieved at low sampling rates. Rates of 4896kHz are suitable.

Cause the plugin uses single noise pattern to operate, only constant (more or less) noise reduction can be achieved with it.

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