Guitar Distortion Pedal Emulator VST plugin
Guitar Distortion Pedal Emulator VST plugin
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Hard distortion effect.


What is it

This is a guitar distortion pedal emulation VST plugin to achieve this effect at PC with software that supports VST plugins.

What is distortion

Distortion is a sound effect which is achieved by distorting signal, especially amplitude clipping. A device or plugin which does this is also called distortion. It's primarily applicable in hard-rock, metal and punk-rock music, when distorting guitar sound. Often all the effects distorting guitar sound or enriching it with harmonics are called distortion. Also applicable with bass guitar.


This VST plugin was created for testing simple method of adding asymmetry to a guitar distortion. This is a digital effect, which uses direct soft clipping. 8-x oversampling helps to avoid sampling noise at high gain.


This is a mono plugin. I tested it at sample rates from 44,1 kHz to 192 kHz. As internal oversampling is applied inside, it can eat CPU resources when working at high sample rates.

Where is it used

This plugin is a part of the Experimental Combo Emulator.

Plugins to use in chain with this

  • When working at high crunch, input noise is also extremely amplified. You can use a noise gate vst plugin to deal with it.
  • To achieve proper guitar sound you also need a speaker simulator plugin set after a distortion effect.
  • While changing signal amplitude (for example fading after attack) clipping level is also changed. You may need a limiter or sustainer plugin at input of a distortion to keep constant drive level.

Plugins to use instead of this

  • Whole the chain of effects where this effect must take appart has been implemented in the 7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator.
  • There is an output static equalizer built in this plugin. I also made another variant 3-band guitar distortion VST plugin with frequency separation.
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