Two-band Special Guitar Limiter VST plugin
Two-band Special Guitar Limiter VST plugin
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Two band special soft limiter.



Use the plugin to sustain or limit guitar sound. It also can more complex things like reduction of the high frequency band amplitude to the low frequency band amplitude.

The idea of this limiter plugin is to split sound into two bands of low and high frequency, then use one of this bands as source of limited amplitude and apply limit itself to another band or whole source signal. If only one band is limited then another band stays untouched. Also, when using high enough amplitude detector frequency, it adds some specific soft distortion.

This effect is a part of the Experimental Combo Emulator.

Plugins to use in chain with this effect

  • When restoring amplitude level after limiting, noise could be highly amplified. So you may need a noise gate VST plugin to be set before limiter.
  • This limiter (especially in curtain modes) may be effectively used before guitar distortion VST plugin to correct dynamics of signal at distortion input, for instance when a guitar with bad sustain quickly reduces high frequencies after attack.

Plugins to use instead of this effect

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