Experimental Combo Emulation VST plugin
Experimental Combo Emulation VST plugin
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Guitar PC amplifier emulation software.

What is it

7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator is a guitar amp emulation software with unusual sound. It was created to test some guitar sound processing ideas and then transformed into free of pay amp emulator to achieve rare sounds at repetition or recording. For it's experimental nature it is not an emulation of any really existing guitar amp. It's goals are some original clean sounds, good "strained" overdriven solo sound, and staccatos.



The standalone emulator version supports connecting of multiple guitars simultaneously. It has advantage of recording input signal from 2 guitars and built in scheme for noise reduction, which appears before recording and rest of processing chain. It helps to record cleaner guitar sound, that is often important when recording or playing at PC, cause guitar  sustainer and distortion highly amplify noise usually. Complex two band limiter which may act like sustainer at input helps to control sound dynamics before overdrive.

Any part of the plugin can be turned off, for example you can switch off reverberator to have mono at output.

All parts of the 7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator are available as standalone VST-plugins:  


Sound processing in standalone version of the emulator is done in single CPU thread for all connected guitars including performance eating noise cancelling. In fact you can plug two guitars with all emulation blocks enabled simultaneously at fast computer. This will be improved in next versions.

Only one 24 bit integer format of output WAV file supported just for now.

This amplifier emulator has been tested at sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. It's known to work wrong at 22 kHz, and there was not testing above 192 kHz.

Plugins to use in chain with this

  • Though special limiter at input does some frequency and dynamics correction, you may need guitar pre-equalizer in curtain cases to be set before an amp emulator.
  • There are may be some effects that are done after picking up sound from a combo, for example unison vst plugin.
  • In VST version there no noise gate. You are supposed to do noise filtering with a separate VST noise gate.

Plugins to use instead of this

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