Manual for Multipoint Unison

Special chorus VST plugin

Go here to download the plugin. You can use it in any program that supports VST 2 plugins to achieve original variant of a chorus effect on your sounds.

Quick look at controls

  • "Load" button - to load configuration in specific to the plugin format
  • "Save" button - to save configuration
  • "Unison" button - to turn effect on and off
  • "State" buttons row - to enable additional voices in the chorus
  • "Level" knob - to manage level of original signal or additional voice
  • "Pan" knob - to set stereo position of  original signal or additional voice
  • "Shift" knob - to manage detuning level of additional voice

What the effect is

The sounding of multiple sources duplicating each other is achieved by shifting frequencies of extra voices with original method specific to this plugin then simple mixing the voices in left-to-right space. The shifting is produced with FIR filter consisting of two slowly moving taps whose positions and amplitudes are connected smoothly in time. Amplitude-frequency characteristic then realigned with comb-filter to all-pass. The frequency shift of each voice is defined with the "Shift" knob. The "Pan" knob places additional or original voice in stereo space. Up two six additional voices available, that are enabled with the "State" buttons.

Technical details

  • I tested it at sample rates from 44k to 192k
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