Manual for EC Reverberator

Reverb VST plugin with some special features

The features are:

Goto it's page to download this free reverb vst plugin. You can use it in any audio processing program which supports VST version 2 plugins to make sound reverberation.

Quick look at controls

  • "Tone" - to define frequency band where reverberation lies
  • "Band" - to set width of that band
  • "Reverb" - to manage room signal amount (wet level)
  • "In/Out" - to manage common output level
  • "Begin" - to set delay of first echoes (depth of a source in the environment)
  • "Length" - to set length of first echoes (room size)
  • "Tail" - to define reverberation tail length
  • "Singing" button - to turn on source motion
  • "Singing" knob - define motion effect amount
  • "Pan" - to pan
  • "Extend" - to smooth source position

What the plugin does and what it does not

The goal of this particular reverb plugin is not emulating a real room echo as close as possible. Furthermore, such accuracy may go away when one uses to listen music an audio system instead of headphones. I created it to experience with those three features under this manual headline, and reverberation itself is implemented in a first approximation. If you need sound that is closer to a real environment, try 7AMP.NET Room Reverberator which calculates physical delays and directions of echoes of a cubic room.

What is reverberation in the model of "EC Reverberator"

In a real environment the direct signal from the source achieves your ears before any reflected sounds. This signal is slightly delayed as sound propagating speed is finite and low. In an artificial reverb plugin it's better not to keep this delay.

After the direct source signal there group of first echoes follows. In model of "EC Reverberator" it consists of 10 to 20 taps. Beginning of the first echoes in a real reverberation environment determines room size and depth of an audio source in a room - the value, which is back to source's distance from a listener. If the source is far, then the first echoes will achieve you ears promptly after the direct signal. If the source is close then you will first hear it's sound, and the first wall echoes will be more delayed. You can tune the delay of the first echoes with the "Begin" knob. The other thing with these first echoes is that their properties are meaningful to human brain for their amplitude-frequency characteristic to decode information about room size (in junction with the beginning moment). You can tune the length of the first echoes group with the "Length" knob. Internal structure of echoes also represents room information, but "EC Reverberator" automatically creates it with constant density of echoes for simplicity.

After first delays there goes the reverb tail. Tail beginning moment is automatically calculated by the plugin to reduce controls count. Duration of the tail is defined with the "Tail" knob. Common reverberation amount including first echoes and tail is tunable with the "reverb" slider.

Whole reverberation time is accumulated from first echoes begin time, the length of the first echoes group and the length of the tail. The tail carries most part of the reverberation time.

Audio source motion

The effect is like flange, but more stable and elegant. It appears say when you walking in a room with a guitar. Doppler effect slightly shifts reflected signal frequency. As a result percepted sound is slow amplitude modulated. The algorithm with compensation of any amplitude-frequency characteristic changes is used. But there is internal delay in shifter block, which interacts width direct source signal. So when you turn on with the "Singing" button, change of sound still appears.

Manually defined reverberation frequency band

Very simple feature, which allows to cram environment sound (without direct signal) into preferred frequency range at the time of mastering. At the moment first-order band-pass filter is used. In next versions there will be Butterworth filters. Setup the middle frequency of the band with the "Tone" band and the bandwidth with the "Band" knob.

Direct signal stereo field extending

Many audio applications that supports VST, only allows to build chains of plugins but not more complex schemes. Stereo field extending of direct signal from source is simplified when directly built in environment modeling VST plugin. Difference in left and right channels is achieved by single tap-filter, whose output signal is differently applied to left and right channels. It changes amplitude frequency characteristic in the channels. Appropriate amount of the effect is defined with the "Extend" knob.

Other details

Manuals on software

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EC Reverberator
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Room Reverberator
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Flying Echo
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EC Limiter II
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Flying Echo Pro
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