Manual for Experimental Combo Emulator

Guitar combo amplifier emulation program with ASIO and VST support and capability of recording

The Experimantal Combo Emulator consists of six parts which all are available as standalone VST plugins. This manual consists of the manuals for that parts:


The only thing specific to whole combo emulator plugin is recording. You can record input signal after noise reducing by noise gate block for first two instances of the emulator. It means that you can record two guitars at a time.

When you push down the recording button placed under the noise gate block (left bottom corner of the emulator) the recording process starts. And it is stopped when you push the button up.

Sound is saved into the WAV file with automatic name which consists of current date and time delimited by dashes. The file may be mono or stereo in dependence of how many guitars you are recording at a time. The format with 24 bits is used, so Windows Media Player maybe will not open it, but many other players and almost all sound processing applications can use it easily.

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