Manual for EC Equalizer

Three band guitar equalizer with tunable middle

You can download the three-band mono equalizer VST plugin with a parametric (tunable) middle at it's page. Put it after guitar distortion.

It allows to set signal levels from -6dB/octave rolloff beyond cutoff frequencies to 6dB value in the low and the high frequency bands. Levels range in the middle band may vary from <-12dB to 3-6dB depending on knob positions. In zero knob positions source signal is untouched, including it's phase.

The "Low", the "Middle" and the "High" knobs are to set levels in corresponding frequency bands. You can change the middle frequency from 400 to 1000Hz with the "Middle freq." knob, while the middle width is changed with the "Middle width" knob from 10% to 70% of the middle frequency value.

Some characteristics

Middle frequency killing (typical for guitar signal equialization)
Lows and highs balancing
Accented middle

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